Milkshake Mastic & Pink Pepper

Milkshake Mastic & Pink Pepper

Powder mix for the preparation of milk based cold beverages with mastic flavour and pink pepper.

Add 60g of product’s powder to 180ml of fresh milk and 180g of ice, stir in a blender for 20’’ and serve.

Sugar, starch, vegetable fat, glucose syrup, flavour, milk powders, emulsifiers, color, flavour, salt, pink pepper

Store below 25 οC and 70% humidity in shade. Keep away from sunlight and heat.

18 months from production date (closed package)

0,420 Kg doypack suitable for use with food. 


1Kg Bag PE-Alu-PET suitable for use with food. Paper box.

90 carton boxes of 12×0,420 Kg doypacks on 1 EUR pallet (120×80)


90 carton boxes of 6×1 Kg sachets on 1 EUR pallet (120×80)